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About the Libraries

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  • About the University Library: The Library at-a-glance and more.
  • List of libraries: See the Library Hours page for a complete list of campus libraries and high-use service units.
  • History: Learn about The Library's history via a virtural tour and exhibit.
  • Exhibits: and online exhibits highlight the breadth of library collections and academic interests on campus.
  • Events: Free Speech Movement educational programs, , and .
  • Tours: Many of the libraries offer tours at the beginning of Fall and Spring semester. Check the and library website for tour dates and times.
  • Communication: The Library Communications team tells stories that highlight activities and accomplishments that fulfill the .

Strategic Plan

We live in a time of remarkable and rapid change in the information environment and in the nature of public support for higher education. While the fundamental purpose of the University Library has not changed, the portfolio of strategies for fulfilling that purpose must evolve to meet new circumstances and opportunities. With this strategic plan, we are taking a new approach to our time-honored mission. Across our libraries, we will turn to the goals and values outlined here to develop our priorities and guide our decisions. We will better serve and enrich this great university — and the world beyond — in the exciting years ahead.
- Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, University Librarian

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  • Plan at-a-glance: Read a one-page summary of the University Library's strategic plan.
  • Printable PDF: Download and print the complete version of the University Library's strategic plan.


Library administration is comprised of the Leadership Team, Library Roundtable, subject and functional councils, and standing committees of library staff.

Statement of Purpose

The UC Berkeley Library connects students and scholars to the world of information and ideas. With a daily commitment to excellence and innovation, we select and create, organize and protect, provide and teach access to resources that are relevant to our campus programs and pursuits. (Developed by Library Staff; endorsed during Fall 2000, by Library Administration)

Library staff also developed a Statement of Values.


The Library welcomes suggestions for titles to consider purchasing.


The goal for all policies in the Library is to further excellence in the collections and services we offer and to create an environment that is welcoming and productive for our users. Library policies support the policies and priorities set by the campus and the Berkeley system, and are in alignment with state and federal regulations and requirements.

Public Service Policies

The Library establishes public service policies intended to support the research, teaching and public service efforts of the Univeristy of California. All policies are intended to be in keeping with federal and state laws, and with policies issued by the Berkeley Office of the President, and by the Chancellor, UC Berkeley. Policies are administered in an even-handed manner, and uniformly applied to persons having similar relations to the University.

The need for change in policy or practice arises in a variety of ways: patrons make requests; units identify problems or possible improvements to Library operations or services; campus, systemwide or legal changes result in the need for new policies within the Library.

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