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I used VPN, then forgot to disconnect it. Is this a problem?

明升体育-足球直播No, but while your VPN was connected, all your Internet traffic passed through the UC Berkeley VPN server. This slowed down your connection to Internet resources that did not require use of the VPN. The VPN software will "time out" after 30 minutes of no activity, but we recommend disconnecting it when you are finished with your session.

How long can I stay connected via VPN?

明升体育-足球直播The VPN will automatically disconnect after your Internet connection is inactive for 30 minutes.

How do I remove the library proxy from my browser?

明升体育-足球直播Follow the instructions in the EZproxy: from a browser guide.

I tried to uninstall the VPN but it didn't work. What should I do?

Unfortunately this can happen for a number of reasons. Please contact the help services listed below.

Students: visit the in Moffitt Library.

明升体育-足球直播Faculty and Staff:

  • Call: (510) 664-9000
  • Or check out the

Where can I find University of California employee salaries?

明升体育-足球直播The Sacramento Bee maintains an online database of . You can search for employee salaries from the last five years by employee name and department. To find salaries from the University of California Berkeley, for example, select UC Berkeley from the department dropdown list. The University of California Office of the President also maintains a public record of . You can search the UCOP database by pay range and job title as well as employee name and campus. For more information, check out the .

You can also ask at the Doe Reference Desk to view CD-ROMs of from 2005 to 2009 in Access, Excel and/or PDF format. (The Library will not collect salary data from 2010 to present given its availability via the UCOP site above.)明升体育-足球直播 These CD-ROMs are not available to check out but can be used on a computer in Doe 202, and the read-only files can be saved to external media (such as flash drive or a CDR) in an editable format.

I still have a question about VPN. What should I do?

If your question is about installing, or running VPN:

明升体育-足球直播Students: visit the in Moffitt Library.

明升体育-足球直播Faculty and Staff:

  • Call: (510) 664-9000
  • Or check out the

If your question is about accessing library resources:

Can I use VPN through a firewall?

明升体育-足球直播If you are having trouble connecting and have a firewall, you can test it by disabling the firewall and trying again.

明升体育-足球直播If your computer is behind a firewall that restricts access by IP address, its settings may need to be modified to allow access via the VPN.

For assistance:

明升体育-足球直播Students: visit the in Moffitt Library.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Call: (510) 664-9000
  • Or check out the

Does VPN offer virus protection?

No. the VPN provides security by encrypting and decrypting data that passes through a VPN connection; it does not offer protection from viruses or other malware.

How do I get the VPN software?

Go to the Library's VPN page. The instructions to download and install the VPN client for several operating systems are linked from the page.

Who installs the VPN software?

You, the user. At home, on your personal computer, you are responsible for selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP), coordinating installation, and installing any required software. This includes the VPN client. You should not need to use the VPN from an on-campus computer.


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