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Find videos

明升体育-足球直播 - Search the library catalog to find videos in the Media Resources Center and other library locations.

  • In the OskiCat record, click on the link to the video.
  • If you receive this error message: Error. Video Playback Was Aborted, disable browser plug-ins or add-ons that might be interfering with the playback of the video.
  • For Firefox hold down the Shift key, and click on the browser icon to open the browser in "Safe mode," which disables possibly interfering plug-ins.

For video formats, limit your search to Films/Videos/Slides
OskiCat - Films/Videos/Slides

Search for directors and artists as an Author (last name, first)
OskiCat - Author

Media Resources Center (MRC) - Browse the collections of the MRC by title, director, genre, theme, language or country, and date or era.

- Browse the library’s online moving image collections.

Find audio

- Search the library catalog to find audio recordings in the Music Library and other library locations.

For audio formats, limit your OskiCat search to Sound Recordings
OskiCat - Sound recording

From the you can limit to specific sound recording formats:
OskiCat - Sound recording format

  • All Sound Recording Formats
  • Disc 33 1/3 rpm
  • Disc 45 rpm
  • Disc 78 rpm
  • Compact Disc
  • Cassette Tape
  • Reel to Reel Tape

The Music Library - Many of the Library’s audio recordings are housed in the Music Library. Consult their website for further help researching music and audio topics.

明升体育-足球直播- Browse the library’s online sound and audio collections.

Find images

- Browse the library’s online image collections.

Art History/Classics Library - Consult the Art History/Classics Library for help researching image collections.

明升体育-足球直播 - see the Art History/Classics Library guide to image collections.

- Find posters and graphics in the library catalog by using the and selecting the Material Type for Pictures/Graphics.
OskiCat - Pictures

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