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Interlibrary Borrowing and Lending

Feb 24 - Mar 2

About Interlibrary Borrowing and Lending

Interlibrary Borrowing明升体育-足球直播 assists UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff to obtain books, articles, and other materials not available in Berkeley's library collections. International borrowing is available to faculty and graduate students.

Interlibrary Lending明升体育-足球直播 lends UC Berkeley library material to other institutions, organizations, and public libraries. Individuals not affiliated with UC Berkeley may request to borrow Berkeley materials through their own academic or public library's ILL unit.

Duplication Services are available to institutions, organizations, and the general public. For a cost-recovery fee, and copyright laws permitting, a range of materials from the UC Berkeley collections may be duplicated. Publication-quality reproduction is available.

BAKER provides fee-based retrieval and document delivery service for UC Berkeley faculty and graduate students. BAKER also provides service for LBNL and authorized DSP patrons at no cost.

RLCP明升体育-足球直播 enables UC Berkeley faculty, graduate students, and academic staff to request items directly from Stanford University. Eligible Berkeley patrons may also visit Stanford (and UT Austin) and check out library material in person.

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