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Renew online

Log in to and either choose the Renew All button or select the items you’d like to renew and choose Renew Selected. The Status column will reflect the new due date or the reason the item was not renewed.

Renew in-person

Bring the material along with your Cal 1 card or library card to the circulation desk of the lending library.

Renew by phone

Consult the renewals phone number list. Some library materials, including Main (Gardner) Stacks and Moffitt Library, cannot be renewed by telephone.

Renewal limits

  • Six-month loans - 7 renewals.
  • All other loan periods - 11 renewals
  • Once the renewal limit has been reached, you must return the item to the lending library to have it cleared from your library account. For continued use, you may re-check out the item, restarting the renewal cycle.
  • Items may be renewed no sooner than:
    • 75 days before the due date for 6-month loans
    • 14 days before the due date for 2-month and 3-month loans
    • 7 days before the due date for 1-month loans

Renewal exceptions

  • Short term loan items (including reserves) cannot be renewed.
  • You cannot renew items that have been blocked, billed for replacement, or recalled by another patron.
  • Library items will not be renewed past the expiration date of your library card.
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